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Sponsor trees in memory of beloved ones.

We shall celebrate Earth Day ,22nd April 2024 by planting African native trees in memory of beloved ones.The activities shall begin at 8am-12pm at Butambala. Dedicating trees in memory of your beloved ones is not limited to humans but also to the spirit and souls that have deceased yet they were once our companions,friends,parents or tribes mates ,by sponsoring $36 for three trees and caring this will create a legacy and life .African native trees have been chosen to be planted during the day and for those interested in sponsoring trees you are welcome and your trees will be hanged with [...]

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Benefits Of Having Field Trips

Field trips are an integral part of every student's educational experience,providing hands-on learning opportunities that cannot be replicated in a usual classroom pedagogy.While field trips to farmers gardens at Butambala is common among students that come to attend  during our PDC courses we host every year,there is immense value in organizing field trips to our rural farming communities,particularly in terms of educating students about permaculture,sustainable agriculture,agroforestry,ecology,organic farming,biodynamics ,regenerative agriculture etc fostering an appreciation for nature,and strengthening between urban and rural communities. One of the most significant benefits of a field trip to a rural farming community is the opportunity for students [...]

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